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With the active support of local enterprises, the Hong Kong Aviation Industry Association (HKAIA) was established on 29th August 2006 to better promote the development and enhance the competitiveness of Hong Kong's aviation industry. The HKAIA consists of four branches: Manufacturing, Service and Maintenance, Professional and Quality System, and Investment and Trading.

In the future, the HKAIA is going to assist Hong Kong industrialists who are interested in aviation components, devices and services to explore and diversify into aviation businesses and to develop a close network and collaboration with Mainland China, overseas aviation industries and related organizations.

Our Objectives

  • To formulate short and long term strategies and action plans to expand Hong Kong's business into aircraft parts manufacturing;
  • To promote business and technical co-operation with  potential partners in Mainland China and  overseas;
  • To develop close network and relationship with the aviation industries in Mainland China and overseas;
  • To conduct market research and establish information database related to aviation business ;
  • To foster the communication, interaction and co-operation among members and to establish liaison with and convey the collective opinions to government bodies, industrial or trade organizations;
  • To serve the interest, build up the reputation and promote the image and capabilities of Hong Kong's aviation industry; and
  • To assist in upgrading the technology, engineering and management skills of the industry so as to improve its performance and enhance its competitiveness in the international market.